Books and manuscripts – from the 15th century until today

A book is a medium for communication and the word itself is connected to the name of a tree – beech. The term originates most likely from when early Indo-European books were carved into thin leafs of beech, which were clipped into books. The first books were composed of hand written scrolls that were used by the old Greeks. Later on the book began to spread and proliferate due to the rise of Gutenberg’s art of printing in the 15th century. Except from an interesting content and a beautiful typography, the binding and the provenance itself can be very covetable – especially for collectors. Search through hand bounded collector’s items written by August Strindberg, first edition children’s books by Astrid Lindgren, lavish Sumo’s with Helmut Newton photography in a limited edition, to literature with royal provenance and contemporary art catalogues. At Bukowskis you will find bindings, coffee table books, original drawings, incunabula, autographs and manuscripts – from the very origin of book printing, until today!