We sell entire homes

Bukowskis offers its expertise in valuing and selling what’s encompassed in a home as a whole

Bukowskis sees the value of the home as a whole, encompassing the property as well as thousands of pieces. Our goal is to help you through the whole process of a sale and to make it as smooth as possible.

Through Bukowski's leading position on the market and cooperation with renowned real estate agents we can offer you a holistic concept where we handle your entire business ranging from the sale of the actual property to carrying out an auction of fine art objects as well as an efficient online auction via Bukowskis of everyday antiques. One of our partners in the real estate field is Bernstein Real Estate.

No matter if you are planning on moving or want to sell an entire home for any reason, our specialists and established brokers in our network will assit with advice and valuation of the property as well as the objects. The items to be sold will be placed in the forums, platforms and auctions where they get the best exposure in order to maximize the value. We also offer valuation services of entire homes for insurance records and inheritance changes.

Contact our specialists for a valuation of your home.

  • Björn Extergren
    Björn Extergren
    Head of Consignment & Sales Department. Specialist Furniture, Decorative Arts and Asian Ceramics
    +46 (0)8 32 63 29
  • Carl Barkman
    Carl Barkman
    Head Specialist Fine Art and Antiques
    +46 (0)708 92 19 71
  • Malou Haglund
    Malou Haglund
    +46 (0)727 33 27 20
  • Sebastian Taflin
    Sebastian Taflin
    +46 (0)708 92 19 78