Theme auctions

Welcome to our theme auctions. We organize online auctions on selected themes and unique collections of art, design and interior design. Here you can find our current and upcoming auctions.

Hans J Wegner Collection

The exhibition includes more than 140 design classics - collector's items that span over a long era and therefore tell an exciting story about Wegner's career and development.

Viewing 21−27 August, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Opening hours Mon–Fri 11 am–6 pm. Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm
Auction online 20−28 August

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Vintage Watches

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Etchings by Joan Miró

Joan Miró (1893-1983) was a Spanish painter, printmaker and sculptor who worked in Paris and Barcelona, where he also has his own museum. Joan Miró's whimsy and childlike sensibility are unmatched. A signed original Miró print, such as our collection of aquatints in this theme auction, can carry an entire room. His large-scale graphic works are an excellent investment.
In this theme auction you will find ten etchings with aquatint from the portfolio ”Le marteau sans maître” (The hammer without a master) signed in pencil by the artist and printed by Morsang in Paris.

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Beloved Stockholm – the city through Goodwins' camera

Henry B. Goodwin’s lovely pictures of Stockholm captures the everyday life in the Swedish capital. In his photographs you’ll find street views as well as pictures of the vivid life along the quays and the tranquility at Waldemarsudde. The pictures was first published 1920 in his book "Vårt vackra Stockholm". Henry B. Goodwin was born in Germany in 1878. He emigrated to Sweden in 1904 to teach at Uppsala University. In 1916 he abandoned his linguistic work to become a full-time portrait photographer with a studio of his own. Goodwin was one of the groundbreaking photographers that considered photography an independent art form. He is one of Sweden’s most distinguished photographers ever.

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Scandinavian cool

The sober Scandinavian style is effortless and exudes cool. It is characterized by a sober color palette, a timeless contrast between old and new objects, along with an easy way of integrate natural materials in any space. The décor inspiration comes from nature, which means the color palette often reflects the landscape and the collected objects tell a story of the owner's past and present. In this curated theme auction there are sober design, furniture, details and art for you who are looking for the ambience of a Scandinavian cool home.

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