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Eclectic selection of chairs from the collection BLÅ – A Life Estate

Chairs that speak their own language

– Part of BLÅ – A Life Estate October 4th

Blå is an eclectic collection that Bo and Lars-Åke have built and shaped according to their personal tastes. The collection includes an interesting assortment of seating pieces demonstrating the couple's wonderful sense of form and design. Designing an innovative chair is perhaps the most difficult undertaking a designer can take on. Chairs are something personal and show a part of you as the owner. You can look at the chair as a close friend or pet with four legs always by your side. This selection of the collection’s seating demonstrates an idiosyncratic and innovative design, technology, or choice of materials. An eclectic and carefully balanced collection that so well reflects BLÅ and Bo and Lars-Åke’s curiosity and good taste

The most prominent examples in the collection are designed by Alexander Lervik, Tom Dixon, Jonas Bohlin, Frank Gehry, Mats Theselius, Lars Englund, and Paolo Deganello.

The red chair was originally shown in the “Five playful chairs” exhibition in 2005. The red chair is made in a limited edition of ten chairs totally and has been acquired by the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and The Röhsska Museum of Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg.

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Tom Dixon, a “Fresh fat easy chair”, Tom Dixon Studios, London, post 2001.

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Lars Englund, a stool, Skelder AB, Sweden, 1990s.

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Jonas Bohlin, a ”Stockholm”, armchair, ed. 005, Lammhults, Sweden.

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Frank Gehry, a ”Wiggle Side Chair”, Vitra, post 1992.

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Mats Theselius, a ”Bruno” easy chair, Källemo, Sweden, 21st Century.

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Paolo Deganello, an easy chair, ”Torso Lounge Chair”, Cassina, Italy 1980s.

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The work is a part of the collection BLÅ – A Life Estate

Viewing September 28th – October 3rd, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Open Monday – Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm
Auction Live October 4th, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

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